Talent in Tech Initiative
DataCloud ESG Summit Oslo 

Susanna Kass,

Board Chair

Petter Tømmeraas,

Board Member

Nabeel Mahmood,

Board Member

BroadGroup Talent in Tech
Talent in Tech Board - Susanna Kass
Petter Tommeraas
Nomad Futurist Foundation

As we continue to build more data centers with innovation and technologies, we are connecting people, building communities and scaling business growth at a global level.  The Talent in Tech Industry Initiative is a transformation education generation opportunity for the Data Center industry.

We are inviting young talents local to each event to attend through sponsorships from the Data Center providers (tax deductive), nurturing a pathway for young talents to be emotionally connected with the leaders in the Data Center industry.

With that in mind, young talents are leading an inclusive and representative process to gather their collective views, recommendations and commitments on transforming the future. Young talents can take a role to accelerate the Digital Transformation of the Data Center industry as an outcome of this Initiative, led by the Talent in Tech Board, comprised of BroadGroup.

In addition to the conference, the young Talent will have the opportunity to participate in customized talent workshops led by sponsors as mentors, Susanna Kass -Top 10 Women in Data Centers and Sustainability Trailblazer, Nabeel Mahmood-Top 10 Data Center Influencer and Philanthropist and Petter Tømmeraas – Special Advisor and Leader in Data Centers.


Sponsor-Mentor POW-WOW & Networking

Supporting talent through the Sponsors network mentorship

Young Talent in Data Centers

Cultivation of new talent entering the Data Center sector

Intro to UNSDG-EP and Net Zero Data Center

Engaging talent on Sustainable Life Cycle for the Data Center sector

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