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Our Impact

Together, we can build a brighter future by educating and empowering the youth in developing countries. Your support is crucial.

Join Nomad Futurist and Powering Potential in Transforming Lives

  • 61 Solar Powered Computer Projects
  • 36 Schools in Tanzania
  • 2 Schools in Peru
  • 35,000+ students and teachers
  • Students are 10x more likely to find employment
  • 49% pursue additional education or vocational training
  • 58% report securing employment because of technology skills
  • Increased attendance rates
  • Decreased dropout rates
  • One school saw 500% increase in transfers from other schools after installation of computer labs

Project Karatu

The Karatu District Project, a transformative initiative, will bring solar-powered computer labs and digital skills training to eight public secondary schools in Tanzania. This endeavor will not only provide offline digital libraries and skills training to teachers and students in remote villages with limited access to the national electrical grid but also empower these communities with the tools for a brighter future. The comprehensive project will benefit 3,000 students and approximately 160 teachers. 

A Partnership for Progress

Energizing Youth in Developing Countries

Nomad Futurist and Powering Potential are united in a visionary partnership to enhance educational opportunities and infrastructure in underserved regions. By focusing on sustainable development and access to educational resources, we are setting the stage for a new generation to rise.

Our initiatives include providing sustainable power, connectivity, computers to schools whilst developing educational programs, and providing the technological tools necessary for learning. Each project is a step towards reducing the educational divide, ensuring that every young person has the chance to succeed.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact


Annual Sponsorship includes equipment, fiber installation and yearly bandwidth Charges!


Sponsorship includes solar purchase and installation. 

Teacher Ed

Sponsorship to support teacher education and continuous education. 


Annual sponsorship includes providing and supporting 25 computers per school.

School (all Inclusive)

Annual sponsorship to develop and support the infrastructure. 






Join Us in Empowering the Future

With your help, we can continue to provide essential resources and support to underprivileged areas. Your involvement, whether through donations, sponsorships, or volunteer work, can significantly impact the lives of many. Act now and be a part of a brighter tomorrow.

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