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An expert on all things digital infrastructure industry, Carrie takes that knowledge and packages it into an easy-to-understand, informative and interesting book.

This first-of-its-kind, peer-reviewed book bridges the gap between IT and facilities. It takes a holistic approach to explaining mission-critical data centers, from site selection to the cloud and all things between.

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Computers, whether in large corporations, small businesses, or at home, are connected in a network that has helped us create a global community. Today, we, the people, depend on computing in every aspect of our lives — from communication, entertainment and financial transactions to education and government services. We are in the data rush era, and this is just the beginning of what the future holds.

As I write this foreword to Carries’s captivating book, I share words that I always hoped -and in many ways knew- I would have the chance to write. Already a globally published author, a teacher and frequent blogger, it was only a matter of time before Carrie shared her knowledge of the Mission Critical industry in a book. Her expertise helps the reader navigate the technical jargon, and her passion for the industry jumps out through every word. As she writes in one part of the book, “It’s time to move into the guts…”. She dives straight into the deep end and gives her readers a front-row seat.

Had such an informative book like this been around when I started in this industry, I would have gone into it a little less green behind the ears. Carrie and I are both veterans of the industry, and I have had the pleasure of working closely with her throughout the years, but she has also become a good friend whose expertise I trust and value. Now the public can catch a glimpse of an otherwise foreign and hidden industry through her expertise. I only hope that this is the first of many volumes.

About the author.

Carrie Goetz, Principal/CTO, StrategITcom, personifies over 40 years of global experience designing, running, and auditing, data centers and IT departments. She is an international keynote speaker and is globally published in 69 countries in over 250 publications.

Amongst her accolades:

  • Top 25 Women in Mission Critical 2022, Mission Critical Magazine
  • 30 Top Most Influential Women in Tech 2021 by CIO Outlook
  • Top 10 most influential women in technology 2020 by Analytics Insight, honored as a
  • Network Computing Inspiration Award finalist 2020
  • IMason’s IM100
  • 2020 Comptia Women in Leadership Spotlight Finalist.

She holds an honorary doctorate in Mission Critical Operations, RCDD/NTS, PSP, CNID, CDCP, CSM-Agile, AWS CCP and is a Master Infrastructure Mason with 40+ certifications throughout her career. She served on the WIMCO national education committee and is a long-time participant in 7x24Exchange, AFCOM and Data Center Institute board of advisors, Mission Critical Advisory Board, Women in Data Centers, CNet Technical Curriculum Advisory Board, NEDAS Advisory Board, a member of BICSI, Women in BICSI, and an Education committee member, and a member of Women Leading Technology Sorority. She champions STEM education through outreach projects and her podcast series. She holds two patents.

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