We live in a digital age, characterized by a proliferation of data and growing global demands for accessing that data. Everyone needs to be connected to the digital ecosystem in order to engage with a range of content in real-time, whether for business, learning, entertainment or social connection. In order to support these needs, applications and infrastructure need to be continuously online. What underlying technologies make it possible for these applications to work?

The term “Digital Infrastructure” refers to physical or virtual environments required for the operation of a business or application. We are using this term to refer to the data centers that house servers, storage, and network equipment required to deploy, run, and maintain everything from small websites to large-scale applications. This also includes emerging technologies such as artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Automation, Quantum Computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


The digital infrastructure industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, across developed, emerging and frontier markets. It is, however, experiencing a shortage of qualified resources; technicians, network engineers, security experts, and analysts. Why the shortage? To a great extent, the industry is hidden, with few people aware of its existence, let alone its operations. 

Foundation Initiatives

The Nomad Futurist Podcast is designed to humanize digital infrastructure by highlighting the fascinating people behind it. Technology leaders from around the world share insights, riveting stories, and valuable advice for getting started in the field. An objective of the podcast is to grow a community of people—experts and newcomers—who are interested in the space and can engage in shared dialogue and information exchange.
The Nomad Futurist Foundation builds on the momentum of the podcast to bring the passion for digital infrastructure to children in underserved communities, helping them learn about the underlying digital technologies that power our world and opening up possible new career paths.


The Nomad Futurist Foundation is launching global programs and scholarships in partnership with education providers, NGOs and other nonprofit organizations committed to providing children and adults with increased knowledge and training in our industry.

Programs for Children

Today, children are being given access to digital devices at earlier ages than ever before. While they are increasingly adept at using popular applications, they are not provided with an understanding of why the applications work. Our programs will empower children, leading to greater confidence in navigating our digital world. 

It is our philosophy that the path to greatness begins when children believe in their own ability to succeed. 

Programs for Adults

Digital acceleration has caused disruption across a number of industries, leading to large talent pools with transferable skills in search of new opportunities. The global pandemic has accelerated this trend, increasing the number of impacted industries.

Our education and re-training initiatives for adults target those who may not be aware of digital infrastructure as a viable career option or realize that they may already have skills that are relevant to the industry. 

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